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The DOJO bar is unique in Okinawa, perhaps in the world. Okinawa is the home of karate and kobudo and the DOJO bar is a tribute to that heritage and a gateway for visitors to the island, its people and its rich fighting arts culture. We offer a truly special place, open and easily accessible to all, across cultures, countries and styles. So come check the DOJO bar out and tell us what you think! We have chilled Orion and Bass Pale Ale draft beer, wines, a selection of delicious cocktails, Awamori and Habushu (snake venom sake!) and a tasty food menu.

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  • Open: 7pm(19:00) - 1am everyday
  • Tel: +81-098-911-3601
  • Address: 101 Asato By-pass, Naha, Okinawa, JAPAN
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