Umikaji Terrace


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Unmikaji TerraceOnly: only 15 min drive drive from Naha airport. It is located in Senaga Jima Island sea side are, and it opened last summer, 2015.

You can overlook the beautiful panoramic ocean view from anywhere you go in the island.
Also, do you like airplane? if so this is a must-visiting place!! It is very close to the airport so you will be able to see airplanes fly in and out very clearly; this is the best location for airplane fanatic!

This is the new tourist attraction in Okinawa. Many different kinds of local fruits, vegetables and many other local items: jewelry and Okinawan crafts that you can ONLY get from Okinawa.


沖縄ならではの果物・野菜、地産メニューを中心にしたグルメ・スイーツショップ、Made in OKINAWAのジュエリーやクラフトショップが絶好のロケーションと融合する、沖縄の新しい観光・ショッピングスポットです。

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  • Open: 10am - 9pm(21:00) everyday
  • Tel: +81-098-851-7446
  • Address: 174-6 Senaga, Tomigusuku, Okinawa, 901-0233, JAPAN
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